Client Testimonials

"After one training session with Go Go Techs I could finally get rid of my old clunky Windows computer and have my entire business on my iPad!"
- Brian H., Santa Monica

"Friendly and personable. I am using QuickBooks in no time thanks to Go GO Techs."
- Natasha K., West Los Angeles

"These guys are the best! I can do everything from my iPad. Its so easy to carry around!"
- Katey B., Venice

WOW! I could not have been more impressed! Everything today operating well, thanks to Go Go Techs!
- K.G., Santa Monica

"Well the whole thing from start to finish was fantastic! ...just like that, I was back in business. I am impressed with their efficiency, knowledge and generosity. The whole thing was actually fun… I love what I got, pleased with saving the money and its been great fun learning new things! "
- K.C., Santa Monica

"I have used Go Go Techs a number of times and I have referred them on multiple occasions. They are consummate professionals and never forget that they are here to serve people, not machines. I love these guys and would recommend them without a moments hesitation."
- G.B., Culver City

"Suddenly one day couldn't get anything to come up on the computer screen other than slight flickering. I called Go Go …he was prompt, professional, courteous, affable and bent over backward to offer his assistance. Three thumbs-up if only I had a third hand."
- W.H., Los Angeles

"….arrived a few minutes early for our appointment…- a first class, efficient, personable, knowledgeable tech. ...This miracle after 2 other techs (from different companies) couldn't unlock the mystery. "
- J.C., Los Angeles

"Fixed my wireless connection after The ** and another local computer repair service were totally unable to fix."
- S.K., Los Angeles

"I always use Go Go Techs; they are my 'go to' tech team! I called Stephanie in a panic. As always, she reassured me she'd have someone at the house ASAP, and she didn't disappoint. The tech was here quickly…he always kept me posted on what he was doing & asked questions when needed. I can't say enough about this A+ company."
- J.P., Los Angeles

"Worth every penny. I was not charged for the full amount of time it took to complete the project because the tech felt that I shouldn't be charged for the ignorance/intransigence of the computer vendor. "
- C.L., Los Angeles

"Responsive. Courteous. Capable. Fairly priced. Willing to stick with a problem 'till it's fixed. What' not to like? "
- K.G., Huntington Beach

I can highly recommend this company for anyone, who moves and wants a painless move of electronic and computers. Great Service, Great Price, very professional service and very personable Tech.
- M.H., Los Angeles

"They were quick and inexpensive. They knew what they were doing and it was a very good job."
- M.R., Los Angeles

"Very prompt, professional service. The tech called to let me know he was on his way (early!) and seemed committed to doing his job well, and not taking more time than was absolutely necessary. I really felt that this company knows what customer service is about - the customer. "
- K.P., Los Angeles

"Rescued a computer. Good technician, good response. They did the job, got here quickly, kept their promises, charged a reasonable price."
- I.C., Los Angeles

"I can't say enough about how incredibly pleased I was with my experience with this company. I truly felt that he went out of his way to do what was best for my situation instead of just trying to make a fast buck. I found it very refreshing to get such outstanding customer service. I will let everyone I know…"
- V.T., Los Angeles

"Gave my office computer a tune up and they updated the version of internet explorer as well. They did a great job!
- S.L., Los Angeles

"We have had several techs here over the years and these guys are by far the best. Very professional, really know their stuff, and very personable. We will definitely use them again and recommend them to everyone we know."
- M.S., Los Angeles

"Arrived promptly and got to work. Explained what he was doing giving me some insight into the complex world of computers. Very pleasant experience. Would recommend and definitely use! "
A.B., Los Angeles

"Things worked out just as I hoped. Within 24 hours after I called Go Go Techs, my system was back up and running plus, I now have wireless printing."
- D.D., Inglewood

"I decided to look for a second opinion. Called Go Go Techs and told them my problem….for the first time, my connection was not only identified as "excellent" by my computer software, it was fast and constant. "
- R.L., Los Angeles

"Friendly but professional, informed and informative, patient, and responsive to questions. I would definitely use this service again."
- C.O., Los Angeles

"I gave this referral to a friend, who said she was very impressed with the service provided by Go Go Techs. The problem she called about was resolved within a short period of time. She will definitely be using them again."
- M.M., Los Angeles

"Terrific experience. Arrived on time, was thoroughly professional, hard-working and efficient. He worked steadily for four hours to completion. His explanations were clear and simple, his manner friendly. We were delighted."
- R.W., Los Angeles

"Great from the start. Very courteous and responsive. Very knowledgeable. They did not over promise and delivered on what services they said they would. "
- F.C., Los Angeles

"There was great follow-up from start to finish. I can highly recommend Go Go Techs to one and all. They are very professional and great to deal with"
- K.P., Los Angeles

"Needed help with setup of new wireless all-in-one computer and wireless all-in-one printer and new wireless router connection. Go Go was was well worth it. I would not hesitate to call them again if I have a problem."
- G. R., Los Angeles

"My computer was very glitchy, was losing data, and programs kept crashing….Tech had a very sharp mind, is personable and professional. He was an excellent trouble shooter. I would definitely call Go Go Techs again."
- J.S., Los Angeles

“Would gladly use the service again, extremely satisfied!”
- C.N., Santa Monica

"When I call them they were very responsive…Once he arrived, he worked with a great attitude and solved each problem I had. I highly recommend this company, great execution, good advise and well priced."
- C.M., West Los Angeles

"Go Go sent a technician to diagnose and resolve an Internet connectivity problem. He then asked me to run through my regular computer tasks while he waited to make sure everything worked correctly before he left. I am very satisfied with the service and recommend Go Go Techs."
- S.M., Santa Monica

"This company is incredible...was superb--professional yet very friendly--got everything done in an hour--explained everything very clearly in plain English------A+ is not high enough !"
- J.S., Los Angeles

"I had problems with another company getting wireless access to my HDTVs for Direct TV on demand and had purchased four different devices per their recommendation The tech still was unable to get the connection. Every time I called it cost more money. I highly recommend them The computer now sings !!!!!!
- S.H., Los Angeles

I dropped my mac laptop and damaged the hard drive. I called Go Go Techs and they called me back immediately. I sent the computer to him and he recovered data at a fraction of what it would have cost anywhere else and helped me in the decision process of how to proceed from there"
- M.M., Los Angeles

"The technician was very patient...he stayed an extra hour to deal with my phone company (it turned out it was their outside cable that caused the problem) and satellite service company. He did not charge me for this extra time. "
- P.W., Los Angeles

"I was working on a presentation due the next day when the computer started opening internet windows on its own! They did exactly what they told me they were going to do and more, took the time they told me they would take, and followed up the next few days to make sure everything was working and to answer any questions I had."
- B.P., Los Angeles

"Outstanding, excellent diagnostic work, replaced parts as needed, neat and clean, good explanations of everything."
- J.W., Los Angeles

"My overall experience was great. …the price was competitive and there was never any sense of time being wasted. It was just what was needed."
- C.J., Santa Monica

“Go Go Techs simply make my job easier!”
- A.J., LP Hospital

"We were on the phone together for about 20 minutes while he did some diagnostics on the Mac. He determined the Mac would run much faster if we purchased some more MGs of Ram…He was punctual and frankly, extremely generous."
- R.A., Los Angeles

"He was on time and was extremely knowledgeable. We wanted to extend our wireless range to the back of our house which he did. He evaluated my laptop and found that the video card was going out. My wife and I were extremely pleased! He answered all our questions and gave us some recommendations. "
- R.C., Los Angeles

“Outstanding service and more than did than was required”.
- S.B., Santa Monica

"I have so intimidated by IT people. They talk over your head….. They explain "everything" that is going on with your system, in a language that you can really understand . I love them. They are honest and cool. I highly recommend them!"
- D.P., Inglewood

“Level of knowledge I needed for my computer problems”
- J.S., Santa Monica

“Everything you want in a computer tech you can find here”
- G.R., Los Angeles

“The Tech was very pleasant and easy to work with, he was able to get the job done right and in a timely manner”
S.F., Los Angeles

"I exclusively use Go Go Techs for my computer issues. I have had the opportunity to work with several representatives, and remain impressed by their professionalism and technical knowledge. Most appreciated is their attention to making sure that my problem was resolved promptly and efficiently."
- A.H., Los Angeles

They makes it simple, clear and quick. Thanks!”
- M.F., Long Beach

“Would gladly use the service again, extremely satisfied!”
- C.N., Los Angeles

"It would typically take 6 hours on the phone and online with ***'s technical Support and then often ** tech support, in the end no one could sort it out, this crippled our business for 2 days. I have been using Go Go Techs services for years and they are the absolute best! It was like the angels came down to finally save us! again."
- M.M., Los Angeles

"It all went very well. He showed up on time, was personable & professional.
We got right to what the problem was - A new router that had screwed up my home network.
He adjusted all the settings on the router, 2 PCs, 1 Mac, and one iPad... it was all wrapped up. "
- J.C., Los Angeles

"He showed up on time, went right to work getting our wireless router to work with our new computer, and when he was finished within half an hour, offered to work on our laptop on some issues we were having at no extra charge. He was very knowledgeable, good at communicating what expectations we should have on getting everything to work, and is just a really nice guy! "
- B.A., Los Angeles

"Analyzed network; this included tracing solar information transmitting device and determining wireless Internet access. Determined problem was incorrect WEP key. Reconfigured WEP key and system is up and running. Service rep was actually about 10 minutes early. I am pleased with their service and punctuality. "
- M.W., Los Angeles

"They do laptops and desktops…. and they are very good!"
- K.J., Los Angeles

"It could not have been a better experience…extremely competent and fair, a pleasure to work with, someone you can trust."
- G. R., Los Angeles

"A virus had infected my computer to the extent I sent it out to another (leaving them un-named) service company. They completely downloaded my computer, cleaned it and uploaded information. It was not all the information I had before, it was not all my information that was loaded on my computer and I was disgusted with their service. I contacted a service I have used in the past and was referred to Go Go Techs. I had many, many questions as he worked and he answered every one of them, advising me when I asked for guidance. I am extremely satisfied and would recommend them to anyone facing the challenge of a computer that has bombed!!"
- H.E., Los Angeles